Join the most Agile & Innovative Team Supermarket on wheels.


You will be act as an entrepreneur at ZipZo. You have to follow the ‘Plan Do Check Act’ (PDCA) policy & AIDA policy (Awareness Interest Desired Action). There is no bar or hurdles for your ideas and innovativeness.


We create new solutions that help people to live their best lives and this can be done only through excellent service by hardworking, innovative people who have the character to perform at all level. Excellence is not an act but a habit. We empower the people who work at ZipZo or ZipZo DigiMarket Private Limited to achieve that excellence and make an impact in the business.


We're on a mission to deliver undisputed quality and convenience as well as breaking existing mindsets of the society. We need those people who have innovative mind and enthusiastic.


Our team is small and nimble that works quickly and collaboratively. Our culture embraces diverse workforce, lateral thinking and creativity, to create a positive environment.

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